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Eve & Alex Prestwold Hall Wedding

Alex and Eve's wedding was a timeless and elegant affair, set in the stunning surroundings of Prestwold Hall in Leicester. From the moment the couple said "I do," it was clear that their love for each other was the center of attention.

The ceremony took place at St Helen's Church in Ashby, Eve made a stunning entrance in her radiant white gown. Arm in arm with her father, she gracefully walked down the aisle towards the altar, where Alex waited patiently looking super excited seeing Eve for the first time.

After the ceremony, the couple were greeted with applause and tons of confetti as they walked away from the church to their car waiting to take them onto Prestwold Hall for the reception. Although it was a little chilly, Alex & Eve braved the cold for their formal and couple shots before heading into the hall to celebrate with family and friends.

Our photography team captured every cherished moment of Alex and Eve's wedding, from the bride's graceful walk down the aisle to the couple's intimate first dance. We take pride in showcasing some of the most touching moments from their special day, highlighting their love, joy, and elegance.

Prestwold Hall was the perfect setting for this romantic and elegant wedding. The couple's love for each other was evident in every moment, and it was a privilege to capture these memories for them.

So here's to Alex and Eve, and their beautiful new life together. May they continue to love and support each other, and may their love continue to grow and flourish with each passing day.

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